Kalgan Lamb Fur Pelt Natural White

Product Care:
Spot Clean. Avoid direct exposure to light.

 Kalgan Lamb Fur Pelts and Plates

 Have you been dying to decorate your home with something no one else has? We suggest putting an attention-grabbing Kalgan lamb pelt or plate in your house guest’s sights. They’ll be urging you to tell them where you got it and how they can get their own.

 Elegant Touch: These pieces will work beautifully with any home décor and give you a sense of intrigue every time you walk into the room. You can have a pelt with a gentle or bold color to go with whatever gorgeous style you’re going for in a particular room.

 Genuine Fur: Build your dream home and make your ideas come alive. This is genuine fur that you can’t find anywhere else. Create a beautiful home with light, cozy pieces to bring each room to life.

 Get a homey feel, and love where you live.

All pelts range from about 15"- 22" long and 8"-12" wide at the widest point. Exact sizes do vary.