Why Choose Tibetan Lamb Fur?

Brought to you from Tibet, the pure, white wool from the Tibetan lamb is the definition of comfort and luxury. But what makes these furs different from others?

Sheepskin Pelts


The Tibetan lamb fur is the only longhaired fur that is actually curly, making it the perfect choice of fur for embellishing furniture and upholsteries. Its soft wool can be fashionably tailored into household furniture such as pillows, rugs, ottomans, and blankets. It can also be transformed into articles of clothing and accessories such as coats, vests, boots, and handbags. You name it!


Not only that, but Tibetan lamb fur is famous for its exceptional warmth. It contains silky, hollow fibers that allow for air to flow freely between the body and the article of sheepskin, therefore regulating and adjusting with body temperature.

Health Benefits

Another relatively unknown fact about Tibetan lamb fur is its incredible health benefits. The sheepskin has a natural waviness to it, absorbing pressure and providing a soft cushion and support for your body. This further assists in relieving aches and pains by distributing one’s weight evenly throughout the fur. In addition, Tibetan lamb fur is hypoallergenic, making it healthy and enjoyable for those with allergies.


Friendly Tibetan / Mongolian lamb fur is a renewable and sustainable resource compared to other furs. When contrasting it with faux fur for example, faux fur pollutes the environment more as it does not biodegrade. Tibetan lamb fur degrades rapidly, keeping the environment clean.

Because of their design, warmth, health benefits, and environmental friendliness, these furs present to you the perfect choice for your home décor. All of these benefits wrap intricately together to bring to you gorgeous, affordable, silky Tibetan / Mongolian lamb furs.

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