20" Mongolian Lamb Fur Leg Warmers & Boot Covers in Multiple Colors

About 20 Inches
Fur all around
Stretchable top for securing to leg

 20" Fur Leg Warmers & Boot Covers

Add a cozy and fashionable touch to your winter wardrobe with our selection of fur boot covers and leg warmers, crafted from genuine Mongolian and Tibetan lamb fur. Available in a variety of colors, including sleek black, elegant grey, and warm brown, these accessories are perfect for enhancing your style during the cold months.

Our collection features Mongolian black fur boot covers and black fur leg warmers, ideal for women looking to add sophistication to their winter attire. For a more unique and exotic appearance, check out our Tibetan fur boot covers. If you're into a longer, more lavish style, our long fur boot covers and fluffy boot covers are perfect choices.

In addition to black, our range includes white fur leg warmers, offering a pristine and stylish look. Each pair is designed for both fashion and functionality, providing exceptional warmth that surpasses synthetic alternatives.

The brown fur leg warmers and leg warmers with fur details cater to a variety of tastes, ensuring there's something for everyone. These boot toppers are not just a chic addition to your outfit but also a practical solution for keeping warm in winter.

Featuring elastic tops, these leg warmers and boot covers ensure a comfortable fit for most people, making them an ideal accessory for any winter activity. They are more than just leg warmers; they are a statement of elegance and comfort.

Step into the winter season with confidence and style with our women's fur boots, leg warmers, and boot covers. Whether you're out for a casual stroll or heading to a glamorous event, these fur accessories will keep you warm while elevating your fashion game. Experience the unmatched softness and coziness of real Mongolian lamb fur and make a statement this winter.

Also available in 16" length here

Our Tibetan Mongolian Lamb Fur:

  • Ethically sourced & made

  • Breathable and hypoallergenic

  • Color professionally dyed

  • Long natural curly hair

  • Ultimate softness