18" x 18" Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Emerald Green

Emerald Green
18" x 18"
Single Sided Fur
Matching Faux Suede

 18" x 18" Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow Emerald Green

Enhance your living space with our elegant 18 x 18 inch emerald green curly fur pillows. These pillows, crafted from premium real fur, bring a luxurious and sophisticated touch to any room.

Featuring soft, curly fur that is a delight to both look at and feel, these real fur pillows provide exceptional comfort. Perfect for lounging on the sofa or for a cozy nap, they offer a snug and inviting feel. The long strands of fur add an extra layer of luxury, enhancing your home’s decor.

Our emerald green fur pillows are incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly with various interior styles, from modern to rustic. The deep emerald green color infuses your space with a sense of richness and sophistication, making it more inviting and elegant.

Imagine unwinding on these Mongolian Pillows after a long day, feeling their softness against your skin. These pillows do more than just provide comfort; they also add a touch of glamour to your decor.

Crafted with high-quality Mongolian and Tibetan fur, our pillows are more than just decorative items. They are a luxurious addition to your home, forming a key part of our Mongolian fur pillow collection that includes long fur pillows and sheepskin fur cushions.

These fur throw pillows appeal to both the eyes and the sense of touch. Their striking emerald green color ensures they make a strong impact, adding an element of regal elegance to your decor. Experience the luxury of real fur with our collection of Mongolian pillows.

Our emerald green Mongolian Tibetan Fur Pillows aren't just decorations; they symbolize elegance and luxury, turning your home into a place that's both stylish and comfy.

Our Tibetan Mongolian Lamb Fur:

  • Ethically sourced & made
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic
  • Color professionally dyed
  • Long natural curly hair
  • Ultimate softness