Tibetan Mongolian Lamb Fur Throw Blanket Sliver 2' x 4'

Product Care:
Spot Clean. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

 Love And Warmth – Packed With Super-Exciting Features!

Do you remember those cold winter nights where you just couldn’t stay warm with your itchy blankets? You’d be huddled under stacks of blankets, but what you didn’t realize is that you only need one. Our blankets have the softest fur you could ever imagine. It will take you on a ride of impossible dreams and feel like a mom’s warm hug.

Tibetan / Mongolian Lamb Fur: Wrap yourself in classic lamb fur and feel the true comfort when you choose one of our captivating blankets, with fur over 4 inches long! We can even design a custom blanket in virtually any shape or size. Backed with faux suede fabric, we provide blankets in every color and style that you desire.  

Stand out from the crowd! Receive the classic comfort you deserve with a beautiful blanket that’ll be the envy of every house guest you greet. Keep this blanket in the living room or bedroom for those cold evenings when you and your loved ones need a gentle embrace.

It’s certainly a special piece to make any room pop. It may be difficult to get up on those chilly mornings, especially when you’re wrapped in a hug so comfortable it’ll seem like you’re at a spa. Yes, this will be the only blanket you’ll ever need to keep yourself safe and warm, and it’s even a stylish throw to pop-up your Summers. This extraordinary blanket will have you weak at the knees. You’ll be so relaxed in luxury; you might even fall back asleep.

All of our products are made from extra large pelts. Each product is made from as few pelts as necessary to ensure consistency (fur length and density).

Not all sheepskins are created equal. At Curly Fur Imports, we specialize in premium grade Mongolian Tibetan lamb fur sheepskin throws blankets. 

Throw Size: 2' x 4' 

Lined with faux suede