Tibetan / Mongolian Lamb White Fur Stainless Steel Bench Gold

$1,500.00 $1,200.00
(You save $300.00)
Copy of TLFA043
Soft and luxurious, upholstered Mongolian sheepskin
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  • 100% Authentic Tibetan Mongolian lamb fur
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic
  • Color professionally dyed
  • Long natural curly hair
  • Ultimate softness

Say goodbye to boring, cookie-cutter furniture; it’s time for something different!

Don’t you wish you had something sensational to decorate your home with? Nothing will ever meet your standards like our exceptional furniture. Now you can create a home that meets your unique style and shows off how fantastic your personality and creativity can be.

Exceptional Products; Exceptional Quality! We can provide you with stools, benches, and chairs that maximize your comfort level. These pieces are lined with 100% Mongolian and Tibetan fur. They’ll look elegant and classy sitting in your home and you’ll be itching to sit on them every second of the day.

Pieces that bring ultimate joy and comfort! You’ll may never want to stand up again and leave the luxurious softness of these pieces. Our furniture gives you something to be excited about after a long day of work. Your home deserves ultimate comfort and you should take care in choosing the best pieces that bring you joy.

Furniture plays a big part in building a home you can be proud of. It expresses your style with a grand gesture. It boasts to the world that you are becoming an independent person that loves their chosen lifestyle. Our furniture is light, classy, and bursting with color and adventure.

Take yourself to a brand-new world while experiencing the magic furniture can bring. Control the way your house is designed and explore the options before you. Make the right choice with a classy bench or a comfy chair to tie the room together. Become the real YOU and speak your mind through décor.

  • Genuine Mongolian / Tibetan Lamb Fur Cover
  • Modern appeal
  • 17"(D) x 41.5"(W)  x 17.5" (H) 
  • Other Fur Colors Available