Tibetan / Mongolian Lamb Fur Boa Scarf Red

Product Care:
Spot clean. Avoid direct exposure to light.


Scarves can keep you warm in the winter and looking fresh in the summer. They’re a beautiful accessory that makes your outfit pop. Buy one in each color and pair one with every outfit you wear throughout the year.

Create a Fashion-Sense: Have your own fashion show in your house or take it out into the public. These fuzzy, fashionable pieces are full of vibrant color and cozy fur. They’re so soft, you’ll want to wear one all the time. You might not even want to take it off!

Premium Quality: These scarves are light, delicate, and made with high-quality material. You’ll be the talk of the town with one of these marvelous scarves wrapped around your neck. Look gorgeous and classy no matter where you go.

Take charge of your life and express your personality through the power of fashion.

Please note that this scarf has fur all around, with length around 60 inches.