Premium Lambskin Pelt With Shorn Fur Camel

Product Care:
Spot clean and dry clean

Australian lamb

Wouldn’t you love to have a sensational Australian lamb pelt in your home? We know that you deserve something unique and special, so take care of your home with the best décor you can find.

Comfy: Unleash your inner adventurer, and freshen up your home with something elegant and classy. Create a story to tell in every room of your house and enjoy the feel of a soft, comfortable pelt. Look at it and know that you’re getting high quality and an extravagant piece that will leave everyone in awe.

Wonderful options: These pelts can start a conversation and you can weave an intricate story on how this pelt came to be. We give you many options of styles and comfort so you can own a wonderful, premium pelt.

 Custom color is available, contact us for details.