Long Straight Goat Pelt Jet Black

Product Care:
Spot Clean. Avoid direct exposure to light.

Goat Fur Pelts and Plates:

 Prepare your home with the finest pieces to build any tone you want to portray.

 Great Options: With so much variety, you can decorate every room with fabulous goat pelts and plates. Make your style stand out and show off your creative eye to your loved ones. Be the unique person you’ve always wanted to be.

 Stand Out: Break down your boundaries and pick out all the pieces you want to embrace your home décor ideas. Use every out of the ordinary idea to pair with these elegant pelts. Create a style that’s classic, with a hint of your unique personality.

 These pelts are soft, lightweight, and luxurious. They look as soft as they feel, and you may even curl up on these pelts all day long. Impress your friends with these vibrant and extraordinary pieces. Find yourself in a new world with intriguing pelts that can act as great conversation starters and intensify your fun.

All pelts are about 33.4" long and 25.6" wide . (Exact sizes do vary). The fur is thick and soft. Fur in the longer areas is over 7.8" long. The fur has a gorgeous natural high gloss shine. 

This product also available in many other colors, click below to view colors.